Soft Skills, Inc: Training Services
Do your computer related issues get you frustrated. Are you ready to throw
everything out the window? Let us help you out with our computer training and
support. We work with small and large organizations. We help you with
customized and individualized computer applications training and consulting.
Let us help you use your day-to-day software better. We work with all the
standard applications:

  • MS Word: Learn how to really use it to save time and money
  • Excel: Do you use Pivot Tables, Functions, ... Are you really using Excel to
    its fullest? Let us help you out here!
  • PowerPoint: If you need to make presentations, PowerPoint is the tool
    to use. Are you using it correctly? Do you want to use it better? We have
    solutions for you
  • Contact and Time Management: We work with Act and Outlook and can
    help you get the most out of these applications.
  • Accounting Applications: We specialize in small business accounting
    solutions such as QuickBooks, Peachtree and MYOB. We can train you
    to use these better and to get the reports you need.
  • Databases: We work with both MS Access and FileMaker
  • Acrobat (the authoring package): Do you need PDFs? Learn how to use
    Acrobat better in your business.
  • Crystal Reports: We teach it, we use it and can develop reports for you.
  • MS Project: Learn to use Project to help you plan and manage your
    ongoing projects.
"Software that doesn't work becomes hardware"
Let us help you make it work for you!
To Contact Us:

7 Brucewood Road
Acton, MA 01720
Phone (978)549-5230
Fax:  (978)477-0525
Contact: David Throp
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